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Saturn Data
Saturn 1
Stack of 50  - Exposure .177
Used Kernal hard filter
ROI & LOG checked
Some brightness & contrast processing
Saturn 12/2/03 Meade
12/2/03 Meade LPI       
2x Barlow
01/01/04 Meade LPI
Saturn 3
Stack of 67 - Exposure .177
Wratten filter #12 used
Used EdgeEhanceHard
ROI was 255 & LOG 59
Some brightness & contrast processing
Here is a image taken 1/14/04 T f/10
with the LPI stacked and combined. No
other processing done. No barlow
used either.
02/21/04 Meade LPI
F/25 182 images stacked
11/21/04 LPI f/10
Below is the same image processed in
Registax using the wavelet processing.
Saturn and 4 moons. Taken
1/19/07 with the 80mm Orion APO.
Image was overexposed to bring in
some moons. PSP used to
combine moons and Saturn.

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