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What are Double Stars and why do we study them
A large number of systems in the WDS may be characterized as
``neglected.'' These include unconfirmed binaries as well as systems which
have not been resolved for many years. The reasons for this neglect are
varied: poor coordinates or large proper motion (so the systems are
``lost''), erroneous magnitude or delta-m estimates (so the systems are
skipped over or misidentified), or true neglect (too many binaries and too
few observers). While the veracity of some of these systems is certainly
suspect, many (if not most) of these are bona fide double stars.
My project
is to measure these doubles looking for changes in separation and position
Imaged with Meade DSI
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Constellation - Cassiopeia
System Name - Schedar
Catalog - SAO 21609
Component A - 2.2
Component B - 8.0