Observatory Construction

Construction started in June 2003. I took an existing 8x10 garden shed and converted it into a roll off roof observatory. Work
took approximatley 5 weekends.
  Construction Steps June 2003 - July 2003
1. Site was chosen and a hole for the pier was dug.
2. Existing shed had to be "rolled" to its current location using fence logs.
3. Hole was cut into the existing floor over the hole in the ground.
4. Shed was leveled and concrete poured to support the pier.
5, Roof was removed and modified to roll.
6. Some Interior & exterior work finished.
      Construction Steps July 2004
1. After using the observatory for a full year through all the seasons, the 4x4 control/warm room was to small.
2. I decided to expand the control room another 4 feet off the side. It is now 8x8 ft. Plenty of elbow room.
3. Insulation was also added to the control room.
       Next to do
1. Run power to the observatory. (using extension cord today)
2. Finish interior. This process is on going. As the observatory is used, new   ideas are thought of.

June 2003

July 2003

July 2004

The 8' x10' garden shed was divided into 2 rooms. A 4' x 8' control room (a small
electric heater will be used in the winter) which will house a computer to control the
scope. The right side of the shed is 6' x 8' room for the scope. There is a door that
separates the 2 rooms.

The pier is a 12" pvc pipe. It sets into a hole that was 3'
x 3' x 4'. The pier and hole were filled with concrete.